Malice in Weddingland

Musings of an unintentional wedding coordinator

This would make being at all these weddings a whole lot more fun….
Hahahahahahaha.  Nailed it.

My Own Rabbit Hole

I didn’t plan on getting into the wedding coordinating business.  I just kind of fell into it.  Kind of like Alice Stumbling into Wonderland (hence the name of this delightful blog).  Just like Alice I fell down the hole into a world that is very bizarre to me.  I am in my 30’s and still single.  I have thought about marriage once in my life, and that is pretty much it.  Planning a wedding is a foreign subject to me, so I wondered just how well this job was gonna work for me.  It turns out pretty well.  Thank god I worked in restaurants for most of my life, because this is not all that different.  I thought I had seen and heard it all in the hospitality industry but dear god was I wrong!  I enjoy my work and what I do, but most days I find myself wondering what the hell is wrong with people.  I am encountering a whole new level of absurdities.  While it can be extremely frustrating, it can also be extremely hilarious and at least it gives me some good stories.